Positive press about our food waste class

It started by noticing how many people were food insecure in my area. From that I started reading more about the reasons behind food insecurity and that led me to the problem of food waste. How is it possible that we throw out over 30% of all food that is produced even though we have millions that are food insecure. It’s a major social and environmental problem, maybe we can bring together students from different backgrounds and go in-depth on this? Maybe a local retailer will help us study this. The course came together on a whim and I wasn’t sure what would come out of it but any expectations I had have been far exceeded. The students have contributed so much to the study of this issue, we’ve made a positive impact in our community, and we have the potential to really push positive change. I enjoy all my courses but this one really puts the cherry on top. To read the write up in the Richmond Times Dispatch please click here.

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