Twitter collaboration with WVU, U Akron, U Alabama, U Toledo, Longwood, and Northern Kentucky U

I’m super excited to announce that our digital marketing class will be partnering with other classes at universities across the country to develop our individual social media footprint and to network beyond UMW. It’s an amazing project that has been in existence for years and for which we were truly lucky to be invited to join. The students will be showcasing their marketing knowledge and corresponding with their peers at our partner institutions. How it works is that one instructor (perhaps Laurel Cook of WVU) will post a question and then students across colleges will reply and then comment on the replies of others. What I love so much is that the students will build their professional social media profile which is great because over 70% of potential employers look at a candidate’s social media profile before hiring AND they get to meet similar students that they may otherwise never have met.

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