Teaching in the Fall during the pandemic

For the past few weeks I’ve been re-learning how to teach. With the help of my colleagues at UMW such as Dr. Russell, Jerry Slezak, and Dr. Greenlaw it’s been an eye opening experience. As of this writing I know that two of my classes are going to be face to face (Mktg 460 & Mktg 417 – Section 2) and one is going to be online (Mktg 417 – Section 1). After Thanksgiving though, all my courses will be online. My challenge for the online course, and to a lesser degree the other two courses, is how to make them engaging and active while online. There are things I know for sure, things I’m leaning towards, and things I’m still exploring.

For sure

  • I will have class synchronously but I will record the lectures and put them on my YouTube page so that students who are not able to attend during the class will not be penalized
  • There will be quizzes after each lecture, this worked pretty well in the Spring. The quizzes will take the place of a mid-term
  • The final exam (if there is one) will be online. This goes for all my classes
  • I’ll be using Zoom, it’s user friendly and worked well in the Spring

Leaning towards

  • For the online class, I’ll do poll questions via Zoom to increase interaction
  • Making greater usage of break-out rooms
  • Sending material to students in advance that we can go over during the class
  • Using tools such as Padlet and virtual reality to enhance engagement and create discussion

Learning about

  • Bringing in more guest speakers. If the class is online then the guest speakers can visit virtually.
  • How to create virtual challenges that students can participate in

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