Some of the best augmented reality advertisements from this past Fall

This is the third year that my Principles of Marketing (Mktg 301) class has used augmented reality to create advertisements. Similar to years past, there were many outstanding advertisements. The students were challenged to really use augmented reality and not simply create an advertisement that could have easily been a QR code. The following two ads are a sample of what was created.

Ad 1: Aspetto

The group that created this advertisement also created a flyer for Aspetto (founded by two UMW alumni). The ad wanted to showcase the clothing options and prices consumers have at Aspetto.

Directions to activate the AR feature:

  1. To view the ad, first download the HP Reveal Application for Apple devices or Android by clicking on the respective links.
  2. Create a user profile. You only need a username, email, and password to do this.
  3. Search for mgilchrist17, the Aura will appear and to follow the account you simply need to click on the star, this means that you are following the account.
  4. Open the HP reveal app on your phone, the app should have seven dots with one in the middle and the other six moving in and out of the middle dot.
  5. Hold the app over the picture in the middle of the ad above and you should see the advertisement come to life.

Ad 2: Jack’s Tattoo Revival

The group that created this ad had the idea that a tattoo can be more than an image, it can provide vital information in case a person is having a medical emergency or if someone is unable to communicate.

  1. To view this ad follow the same steps as above but this time search for khirad10 and follow this account. Then open up HP Reveal and put your phone over the picture above.

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