League of Legends – It’s more than a video game

league-of-legends-wukong I don’t normally play video games, the last video game I purchased was Tetris so that gives you an idea how involved with video games I am.  One of my students from this past year (Diego Poole) introduced me to League of Legends, an online game which has millions of active players.  The game can be quite complex but also quite addictive, once you get into it you can really become involved with just getting to a basic level (which I’m striving towards) but it’s not just a video game.  Not only do millions of users around the world play it but there are professional leagues, tournaments with prize money, and Robert Morris University in Illinois has even created a varsity team for League of Legends players (with scholarships).  If you’re wondering what all of the hype is about I encourage you to check it out yourself and when you do make sure you fill out our survey.  We’re trying to study just how big this phenomenon really is.

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