Football Recruiting – A national championship caliber team may not be a good fit for recruits

Last_Chance_UFootball recruits dream of going to schools such as Alabama, Florida, and Notre Dame.  For some, this represents the pinnacle of achievement, if you haven’t seen the eye opening series “Last Chance U” on Netflix then I highly recommend it as a good window into what people will do to get into the big schools.  This semester, my independent study students and I will be examining high school recruits and studying the impact that their choice of school had on their professional football aspirations.  Is it better for a 3 star recruit to attend Alabama where they get national attention but likely do not play until their senior year.  Or should they attend a school such as the University of Alabama Birmingham where they can start in their second or third year.  My students and I will be exploring this question, if you have any access to information that would help us to examine this issue please send it our way.

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