Check out my new Chevrolet………I mean check out my Corvette!

2014-chevrolet-corvette-stingray-conv-reviewWho would have thought that something the size of a piece of paper would and named after a female sanitary product would be in such high demand (iPad).  Would Acer have had the same success as Apple?  How about cars, we may not think as highly of Chevrolet as we do Audi or Porsche but then there’s the Corvette which has its own identity.  My colleague (Mooweon Rhee – University of Hawaii) and I recently completed a study where we examine the relationship between the product’s reputation and the firm’s reputation.  Not all firms can have a good firm reputation, it takes a lot of time and effort to develop a great reputation so what should the other firms do?  Our results provide insights into where firms should spend their resources to build a reputation, especially when it comes to new products.  Using new product recalls in the auto industry we examined the strength of product and firm reputation on the success of the product after the product recall.  We recently presented this work to the INFORMS Marketing Science Conference in Atlanta (June 12-14, 2014).  Product and Firm Reputation – INFORMS Marketing Science – June 15 2014

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