More municipalities are restricting Airbnb’s

Last year (2019) both Los Angeles and Washington D.C added more restrictions on Airbnb rentals. Both locations require hosts to only list their primary residence and put a restriction on how long the property can be rented via Airbnb (120 days and 90 days respectively). Toronto is implementing similar regulations in 2020. The rationale behind these regulations is the same as it is for other municipalities which have restricted Airbnb rentals such as Paris, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. They are motivated by the growth of commercial operators, those that buy properties and do not live there but instead renting them as short-term rentals. This situation reduces the supply of affordable housing in the area and as a by-product harms legitimate hosts in the sharing economy. I’ve compiled a summary of regulations from around the world. Summary of Airbnb Regulations Around the World.

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