Why I run

Cherry Blossom 2013I’m approaching middle age, I have a three year old, I’m constantly busy with work and have many other things I could do other than run. But I still run and I’ll be doing it for as many years as I can. I probably run about 30 to 40 miles in a given week, it’s tiring but I want to drop my time. Many of my colleagues ask my why I do it, what’s in it for me, I can be healthy and happy doing less so what’s my motivation? Here’s the way I look at it. Running is good for you. Kids see what their parents do and they are more likely to do that activity if their parents do it. My parents liked to read so I adopted a desire to read. If my daughter sees me run, she may want to do it. If she does it then she’ll be healthy. I run because I want my daughter to be healthy. That’s really my primary motivation at this stage. In a couple of weeks I’ll run the Cherry Blossom 10 miler and years from now I’ll show my daughter my time and hope she’ll want to do that too. That’s why I run.

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