In all of my classes I try to do something that creates a  unique experience for students and helps to give them an advantage when they are on the job market.  The classes I usually teach are as follows:

Mktg 417 – Digital Marketing

In this class we go over a range of topics from advertising online, advertising via social media, selling online, and targeting customers via (you guessed it) online.

Mktg 411 – Marketing Research

In this class we discuss contemporary marketing research techniques such as online marketing research and leveraging Google Analytics. We also conduct our own focus groups for the following clients: Giant Foods, The Joint, Sugar Shack, and Jack Brown’s Tattoo Revival. Students will learn how to complete and write a marketing research report.

Mktg 301 – Principles of Marketing

This is an introductory course in marketing. We not only cover the four P’s (product, price, place, promotion) but we also delve into consumer behavior and marketing research.