Some of the best augmented reality (AR) ads from this past fall

This past fall students in Marketing 301 (Principles of Marketing) completed their augmented reality projects.  The challenge was to use AR to its full benefit above and beyond a simple ad or a QR code.  Anybody can scan a QR code and be taken to a video or a website, the challenge with AR is to use it in order to enhance a trigger image.  I’ve posted two ads that did a great job at just that, to view the ads you’ll need to follow these instructions.

  1. First, download the HP Reveal app on your iPhone or Android phone.  Then create a user account
  2. To view the first advertisement for Nike search for and follow kparker3
  3. Activate HP Reveal and scan the picture of the Nike shoe above
  4. To view the second advertisement for the Mercantile restaurant search for and follow damonkdixon
  5. Active HP Reveal and scan the picture of the menu also above

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