Have you ever had to answer that one question?

There’s a good chance that if you’ve seen a few videos on YouTube then you’ve had to answer one of these questions before the video. Why are you being asked that question? Why you? What is it’s purpose? The reason stems form a concept in online advertising called brand lift. What advertisers want to figure out is whether the advertisements they created were noticed or recalled and whether it helped the firm who advertised more than not advertising would have. For example, suppose that I go online looking for a motorized scooter (for the over 40 crowd of course), will showing me an advertisement on another platform (say Google search) increase my likelihood of purchase over not showing me another advertisement.  Was my mind already made up or can I still be influenced? The scooter firm may have shown me an advertisement and now they want to measure whether I noticed or recalled it. Better yet, maybe they didn’t show me the advertisement and I can recall it just as well as someone who saw the advertisement. That’s not good (from an advertisers standpoint) because it means I’m wasting my money on an advertisement when I didn’t need to show one. It’s one way marketers measure the impact of their online advertising.

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