Creating an advertisement for our graduate programs

Buy our productMini Darth Vader and Volkswagen, the “go mom” ads for Proctor and Gamble, the “Uncle Drew” advertisements…everybody has their own favorite advertisement but what if you were going to create your own ad?  You’ve probably seen advertisements and thought, I could do so much better.  This fall students in BUAD 310 section 1 and 2 (Principles of Marketing) will be tasked with creating their own advertisements for the graduate programs at UMW.  The new convergence center on campus will allow students to use the latest technology to direct and produce their own advertisements which promote our outstanding graduate programs.  When these students graduate they can not only show people their resumes but they can show people their commercial, wouldn’t it be cool to have someone who can produce commercials on your staff?  Once the advertisements are created I’ll post them on my webpage and if they’re really outstanding you’ll be able to see them in UMW marketing efforts.   If you have any ideas or suggestions for what you would like to see please email me and I’ll pass them along.

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