Augmented Reality is Going Mainstream

The new iPhone 8 comes with an augmented reality feature that allows the phone to transform static images such as a picture or the person sitting beside you to something that becomes more interactive.  Users can fight a dragon on a basketball court, stand next to celebrities so that you can take selfies with them, or watch a baseball game and have the players stats appear right above their head during a live game.  Typical 2D images are all around us but augmented reality allows us to add images to create a more dynamic scene.  For example, if you’re at a baseball game wouldn’t it be neat to view the batter on your phone and have his likelihood of getting a hit appear on the screen next to his image, or perhaps you can you’re at a restaurant and you want to know what the items look like before you order them, augmented reality allows for an image to appear based on the static image.  For more information check out this link.

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