Majid_Kashef_185I’m currently an associate professor of marketing at the University of Mary Washington College of Business.   I can honestly say that I love everything about teaching at UMW, the students are great, I work with great people, I get to do great research, I even like our dining options.

I grew up in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) and attended school in Montreal (Concordia) and Washington (GWU).  So yes I’m a Senators fan but sadly no longer an Expos fan (go Blue Jays).  Between Canada and the U.S I’ve lived in Europe where I developed a strong appreciation of Arsenal Football Club and discount air travel.

I teach digital marketing, international marketing, principles of marketing, and marketing management for MBA students. My research interests are diverse and eclectic.  I’ve been fortunate to have learned some sophisticated statistical techniques from some great statisticians.  My research is mostly in the realm of asymmetry and signalling, this interest started when I first tried to sell my car in the used car market.  Why wasn’t i getting a higher price despite the car being in great condition?  This led to my interest in asymmetry, from there i wondered why car dealerships could charge high prices for used cars than private sellers could, things took off from there.

Outside of school I’m an avid runner, full time parent, and McDonald’s connoisseur.

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